Exterior Landscaping
Designing & Execution

Designing a garden, whether as a whole or merely in part, is a daunting challenge for the landscaper. We take time over exploring, developing ideas and finally choosing ideal design to suit wide range of conditions viz., schools, parks, hotels, Sport fields & apartment buildings.

In general the landscaping is divided into Hard & Soft landscapes. Hard landscaping inclusive of innovative designs and construction of the design by natural & manmade materials like wood, stone, brick, Interlock stones paving, cobble stone paving, irregular & regular tiles paving, brick wall, stone wall, boulders and aggregates in rockery, trellis of various utilities, lighting are few things involved in hard landscaping.

Soft landscaping involves living things, which add oxygen to the environment by the process of photosynthesis.

Rose Garden design engineers create the landscape designs by suitable hard & soft landscapes and the execution team makes the dream into reality. We provide the plan & perspective view of the garden to be established for the customer reference.

Some landscapers can provide the durability, others with performance and still others with economy. But to service your medium to large area needs blends of these qualities together to such an outstanding degree as that of our design.

Execution of the gardens become easy because of our compact design and wide selection of plants varying from flowering seasonal to trees


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