Garden Adornments
It is possible to make distinctive and distinguished features for garden area with different garden adornments. We provide a combination of attractive design, exceptional execution and an impressive array of garden adornments such as garden lights, arches, pergolas, ornament urns, tubs, birdbaths, bird tables & children play equipment.
A variety of recreational areas can be created to attract the kids of all ages to make the garden more attractive. illumination is provided with various kinds of lights Hom antique lanterns to modem pagoda lights.

Maintenance of the Garden

We offer our maintenance service for the external landscaped area and we provide the functions on fully comprehensive programme by providing skilled gardeners on full or part time basis.

Our maintenance includes turf grass management, maintenance of trees, shrubs, hedges, Ground covers, Fertilizer application, Periodical reclamation of soil to avoid deficiencies in plant growth, Pest & Disease control, control of weeds, supply & maintenance of Horticultural equipment's such as Wheel barrows, Lawn mowers, Pruning shears, Lawn verticutting machines, Secatures, Knapsack sprayers etc.

To keep the garden ever colorful we often change the plants as crop rotation practices to suit the seasons apart from replacement of dead & diseased plants.

We ensure all necessary equipment in irrigation system are cleaned and maintained properly such as Pop up sprinklers, Drip nozzles/emitters, Solenoid valves, Drip
pipelines etc.


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